Over 100
dead in Pakistani
terrorist strike

business in
state of flux

India takes

Beyond The Headlines: New India-US Axis  

The Donald Trump administration is set to step up its military engagement in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, targeting ISIS. Meanwhile, the United States is examining alternative supply routes from friendly countries in Central Asia to lessen its dependence on Pakistan in light of Islamabad's continuing duplicity in Washington's war on terror.

All of this presents India an opportunity to sharpen its diplomatic offensive. President Trump knows that the gene pool and training ground of global terrorism lies in Pakistan. India can leverage its strategic partnership with the US to make Pakistan accountable for its acts of covert terror and build a powerful geoeconomic presence across Asia even as Pakistan itself undergoes a social, economic and political transformation.

The Trump administration must show the will to ensure that the abuse of American arms and money ends permanently in view of the Pakistani establishment’s complicity in protecting the Taliban while it directs terror attacks against US citizens. Without diversion of US funding, the Pakistani military-ISI's ability to mount proxy terror strikes on Indian targets will be significantly blunted, especially after the Taliban “re-occupy” Afghanistan once US and NATO forces disengage from active military operations in the region.

President Trump's unfolding strategy, properly leveraged, by the Modi government, can strengthen the new India-US axis and help build sustainable peace in the subcontinent.


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