Over 100
dead in Pakistani
terrorist strike

business in
state of flux

India takes
Tackling Terror

This space is about issues – political, financial, societal – that affect us all. It focuses on facts, opinion, interpretation, solutions. Comments are welcome. The idea is to create an independent journalistic platform which puts India's national interest at the heart of every debate. Whether it's terrorism, political governance or the economy, this is where we dissect issues, ask questions, debate possible answers and make our public servants (ministers, MPs, MLAs) accountable to us.

India faces varied and sharp challenges. Terrorism remains a menace. Corruption and misgovernance blight the nation’s progress. Maoism is meanwhile a threat which can only be defeated by good local governance. This involves tough, uncorrupt policing and resolute, uncorrupt economic development in the large central and eastern parts of India where Naxalism thrives. It does so in an environment of lawlessness created by complicit district officials, corrupt business contractors, illegal miners and Maoist cadres who exploit poverty to extort money and intimidate tribals.

Good governance is the key to unlock solutions to India’s problems as we re-ignite a faltering economy. Good governance begins from the top.

The transparency it brings is an antidote to poverty, terrorism, insurgency, corruption and the violation of individual freedoms. It rewards governments which are accountable to the people they serve and punishes those which are not.

This website will analyse the problems India faces as it matures into a leading global nation and offer solutions which involve building strong public opinion, the only way to extract accountability from the government and enhance standards of governance.  

For more details of these initiatives in newspapers, TV and online, please go to The New Politics:GovernmentWatch and Columns Archives. We intend to build these into powerful instruments of change



Rupa, 2014

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